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History of H.D.A.R.

Brief History

The HIGH DESERT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, 2019 President is Cecil Volsch. Cecil entered the Real Estate Market with a passion to help make family dreams of home ownership come true in 1998.

Cecil got his Broker’s license in 2000 and decided to start his own brokerage company with his wife Charlotte and incorporated in 2002. They moved to the high desert in 2003 and, from day one, he has chosen to be involved in the activities of the High Desert Association of REALTORS® (formally the Victor Valley Association of REALTORS®). Cecil served as President of Victor Valley Association of REALTORS® in 2011. He has served as the MLS Committee Chair three times , Treasurer in 2016 and 2017, a member of the Finance Committee for the last 10 years, Government Relations Committee and served as an LCRC Trustee.

In addition to his contribution to the Local Association, he is also serving as a California Association of Realtors® Director and has been a State Director for the last 10 years. Cecil is currently on the State MLS Committee as well as Standard Forms Committee.

Cecil has been married to Charlotte for 35 years and is the father of Conrad Volsch, who is attending the University of Jamestown in Jamestown, North Dakota. Cecil volunteers on the Set-Up Team every other Saturday on the Apple Valley Campus of High Desert Church. Cecil leads a mastermind group of real estate professionals from around the country.

HIGH DESERT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® original charter was May 22, 1948. Elton Goble was the first President and he served from 1948 through 1950. Originally named, Mojave Valley Board of REALTORS® and in 1958 became the Victor Valley Board of REALTORS®. June 1, 2014 the Victor Valley and Barstow Association of REALTORS® merged forming the new High Desert Association of REALTORS®. Today, the gavel that was presented to the Mojave Valley Board of REALTORS® in 1948 is still used at all Board of Director meetings.

Things and people may have changed over the past 70 years but our mission has remained the same. "The purpose of the HIGH DESERT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® is to help its members become more profitable and successful." Our vision is "The High Desert Association of REALTORS® is the source of essential business services and the association of choice for real estate professionals committed to excellence and through collective action promotes the preservation of real property rights."

Throughout its history, the HIGH DESERT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® has always strived especially hard to support the needs of the High Desert communities it serves. The HDAR sponsors several fundraising events each year, with the money raised from these events contributed to several local charity organizations.

We would like to thank our Past Presidents for their excellence in leadership through the years.  Click Here for video of our Past Presidents PPvideoCover

1975  Gary Stater

1986  Becky Otwell

1989  Jack Harrison

1990  Craig Kudrle

1991  James Phillips

1992  Chuck Moore

1993  Jason Landon

1994  Hanna Knapp

1996  Stephanie Glassey

1999  Eileen Patterson

2001  Hanna Knapp

2002  Jason Landon

2003  Bess Kline

2004  Deborah Light

2005  Donny Jensen

2006  Chuck Knapp

2007  Ann McDonald

2008  Caroll Yule

2009  Jo Ann Tidwell

2010  Glenn Zimmerman

2011  Cecil Volsch

2012  Bess Kline

2013  Michele Davies

2014  Kari Leon

2015  Becky Otwell

2016 Serena Whyte

2017 Karen Sanchez

2018 Kari Leon

2019 Cecil Volsch

2020 Lori Hitt

You are here: Home | About the Association | History of H.D.A.R.