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History of H.D.A.R.

Brief History

The HIGH DESERT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®, 2017 President is Karen Sanchez. Karen Sanchez, a native Californian, moved to the High Desert in 1991. She has been married to Phil for 28 years, has three wonderful daughters, three intriguing dogs and has been a lifelong real estate fan. She assocjoined Real Living Hamilton Landon Real Estate in 2007 as a new sales agent and became a broker in 2010. She has served the Association in many capacities - as a Director, Committee Chair for Special Affairs, member of the Local Candidates Recommendations Committee and a member of the Governmental Relations Committee. She also served as 2014 President of the Victor Valley Women's Council of Realtors. On the rare occasion when she's not shooting a home video or doing something else real-estate related, you may find her volunteering in the hospitality department at her church, building small houses for a deserving family in Mexico, hanging with her family or taking the dogs to the dog park.

High Desert Association of REALTORS® original charter was May 22, 1948. Elton Goble was the first President and he served from 1948 through 1950. Originally named, Mojave Valley Board of REALTORS® and in 1958 became the Victor Valley Board of REALTORS®. June 1, 2014 the Victor Valley and Barstow Association of REALTORS® merged forming the new High Desert Association of REALTORS®. Today, the gavel that was presented to the Mojave Valley Board of REALTORS® in 1948 is still used at all Board of Director meetings.

Things and people may have changed over the past 68 years but our mission has remained the same. "The purpose of the High Desert Association of REALTORS® is to help its members become more profitable and successful." Our vision is "The High Desert Association of REALTORS® is the source of essential business services and the association of choice for real estate professionals committed to excellence and through collective action promotes the preservation of real property rights."
Throughout its history, the High Desert Association of REALTORS® has always strived especially hard to support the needs of the High Desert communities it serves. The HDAR sponsors several fundraising events each year, with the money raised from these events contributed to several local charity organizations.

We would like to thank our Past Presidents for their excellence in leadership through the years.

1975  Gary Stater

1986  Becky Otwell

1989  Jack Harrison

1990  Craig Kudrle

1991  James Phillips

1992  Chuck Moore

1993  Jason Landon

1994  Hanna Knapp

1996  Stephanie Glassey

1999  Eileen Patterson

2001  Hanna Knapp

2002  Jason Landon

2003  Bess Kline

2004  Deborah Light

2005  Donny Jensen

2006  Chuck Knapp

2007  Ann McDonald

2008  Caroll Yule

2009  Jo Ann Tidwell

2010  Glenn Zimmerman

2011  Cecil Volsch

2012  Bess Kline

2013  Michele Davies

2014  Kari Leon

2015  Becky Otwell

2016 Serena Whyte

2017 Karen Sanchez


2014-2017 HDAR Strategic Plan

High Desert Association of REALTORS®
2014-2017 Strategic Plan

The High Desert Association of REALTORS® Leadership team met on September 22nd and 23rd, 2014 to identify and set the objectives and goals of the association for the following three years. The enclosed document identifies the key areas of focus for the association for this period.

Through the process employed in September, the association identified 5 main objectives for the organization to pursue and implement over the following years:

• Improve Member Services
• Improve Communications
• Demonstrate Community Outreach Efforts
• Engage in Advocacy Efforts
• Address Membership and Facilities

Included in this plan are the specific goals necessary to achieve underneath each objective in order to better identify if the objectives of the organization have been met within this strategic plan.

This document is to serve as a guide for the organization in order to plan for, budget, and direct staff and committees to execute these initiatives which meet the core principle and purpose of the High Desert Association of REALTORS®.

To restructure enhance the offerings of the association to meet and exceed the needs of the membership

Goal 1 -      Provide Consistent REALTOR® & MLS Orientation Experience

- Develop a formal outline that everyone goes through that is high quality content
     o Consistent materials on key points
     o High quality content to encourage broker support
- Establish a task force to make sure those presentation points are consistent
- Introduce the staff responsible for each component of the association so the members are aware of who to work with
- Survey new member orientation members at the end of the process
- Review and explain professional standards process during orientation

Goal 2 -      Demonstrate Association Value to Brokers

- Survey brokers to identify what the association can provide to them and their agents
- Develop a handout of where all of the fees go so that everyone understands where all of the money goes, and what is provided
- Develop offerings directed towards brokers on how to manage their business

Goal 3 -       Demonstrate Association Value to the Agents

- Develop agent specific education
- Utilize association events to create a sense of community
- Promote to agents the value of involvement in the committees

Goal 4 -        Develop High Quality Educational Offerings for the Agents

- Survey brokers and agents to identify what the association can provide to them with regards to education, professional development, and training that would help them succeed
- Ensure that the courses offered are the best possible courses to offer in that realm – high quality speakers, topics, and take away
- Provide remote delivery capability of courses – Video Streaming, video archiving, build a database of materials

Enhance means of communication to make members more aware of the role of the association in their real estate career

Goal 1 -      Upgrade or Improve the Website and Online Presence

- Find ways to make the website more dynamic and fresh
- Incorporate Social Media

Goal 2 -      Identify How Membership Wants to Receive Communication

- Survey the membership on what they prefer
     o Utilize multi-channel survey offering
- Compile metrics on what is receiving the most traction

Goal 3 -      Develop an Office Visit Outreach Program

- Identify top offices to connect, and target frequencies
- Establish a team of volunteers and staff to adequately cover the offices
- Develop consistent messages for each office visit
- Revisit and adapt the program to meet the needs of the offices

Goal 4 -      Create a Broker-Specific Communication Vehicle

- Different from membership messaging
- Focus on the broker specific efforts of the association
- Develop a feedback model for the brokers to communicate with the association in an effective manner

Remain actively engaged in the community as the voice of real estate for the High Desert Area.

Goal 1 -      Increase Community Awareness of the Association

- Provide relevant statistics on real estate to the community

Goal 2 -      Engage with Community Charities

- Identify existing efforts of the association, and quantify involvement
- Connect with emerging needs within the association and community
- Seek partnerships that coincide with association missions

Goal 3 -      Implement Information About Advocacy Programs

- Develop consumer oriented messages about issues
- Utilize data to educate media, the public, and elected officials on the current state of High Desert Real Estate

Goal 4 -      Improve Association's Role in Community Investment

- Participate with Habitat for Humanity
- Assist in the revitalization of the community by tying in with city government functions
     o Assist the elderly and disabled with code violations
- Communicate and publicize the efforts of the association in these areas

Enhance, empower and engage our members in the advocacy of the High Desert Association of REALTORS®

Goal 1 -      Restructure LGR to Incorporate LCRC & RPAC

- Incorporate all aspects of political advocacy into one committee
- Increase awareness and understanding of the PAC
- Develop liaisons between LGR & other committees and organizations

Goal 2 -      Educate Members and Other Committees About Advocacy

- Work with committees on events to raise PAC awareness

Goal 3 –      Continue Relationships Within the Community

- Develop relationships with government entities
- Develop relationships with chambers
- Develop relationships with affiliated industries

Maintain financial security, while not increasing dues, and evaluate facility options

Goal 1 -      Increase Membership Rather than Increase Dues

- Identify opportunities to bring new opportunities to the membership
- Coordinate with vendors for more opportunities for the membership
- Identify areas that are underserved in the real estate industry
- Demonstrate value to them in association

Goal 2 -      Develop a Task Force to Review Facility Options

- Consider all possible opportunities for the association
- Consider all potential needs within the community and industry
- Identify adequate facilities to meet those needs
- Pursue opportunities to engage those facilities
- Recommend to the Board of Directors a path to pursue

Strategic Plan in PDF


About Us

Mission Statement

The purpose of the High Desert Association of REALTORS® is to help its members become more profitable and successful.

Vision Statement

The High Desert Association of REALTORS® is the source of essential business services and the association of choice for real estate professionals committed to excellence and through collective action, promotes the preservation of real property rights.


Committees and Chairs

CommitteesGovernment Relations Committee

1.General Objectives:

a. Represent the interests of organized real estate in local and state government affairs and encourage member involvement in support of candidates and issues.

b. Promote the availability and affordability of real estate by supporting organizations, which share those interests and goals.

c. Promote the preservation of property rights.

d. Evaluate the current and future impact of environmental issue on organized real estate activities in the Victor Valley area.

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MLS Dues

MLS Dues:

MLS Dues are $96.00 every quarter (every 3 months). We bill a month in advance. Electronic billing is sent to the email address you provided when you joined. You may pay online, mail in a check, come into our office, email/fax in a Credit Card Authorization form, or put a Credit Card on file to be automatically charged every quarter. We do not take cash. We can accept Visa, Mastercard, American-Express, Check or Money order for payment.

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