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rDesk Agent Productivity Training

Agent Productivity Training

Take advantage of your member benefits and learn how to generate CMA Listing Presentations, Flyers, Email Campaigns and Marketing Reports in just minutes.




Friday, April 27, 2018

Date: Friday, April 27, 2018

Time: 9:30 -11:30 

Location: HDAOR OFFICE 11890 Hesperia Road Hesperia, CA  92345

To register call 760-244-8841 or login and register online in events.

Click HERE to register online



with integrated Esign

Create client tiles to manage all your documents and forms for your transactions with integrated eSign capability. Safe and Secure storage.

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Potential Scam

The HIGH DESERT ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® to make you aware of a potential scam that will involve your agents and an attorney:scam

A person claiming to live in China will contact an agent and ask to purchase property in the area. The person will entice the agent with a request to write an offer and get the transaction open. They claim they will be in the U.S. for the closing. They also ask to recommend an attorney to assist with the review of documents and assist with the transaction. After they get a referral from the agent they will contact the attorney and state they were referred by the agent. They wil ask for help on the transaction. The attorney will probably ask for a retainer agreement and amount to be placed in trust with the attorney. After some prodding the person from China will have a check delivered to the attorneys’ office drawn on a British Columbia Bank and allegedly paid through Wells Fargo in the U.S.—a process used in the past and not used so much today because of wire transfers. The check will be for far more than the retainer and is allegedly for a deposit on the property. Here are some of the problems with this scenario:

1. The agents are being used to lend legitimacy to the scam. Agents are always hungry to sell property. Attorneys want to help agents they know.
2. These types of checks take 4 to 8 weeks to clear because they constitute international funds. The validity of the check is supported by a co-conspirator in Canada so calling on the check only furthers the scam. The check is not good, but can’t be verified for four to six weeks.
3. Such a check can be money laundering as it is money being brought into the United States in possible violation of currency laws.
4. The person from China will be asking that the attorney immediately deposit money in escrow or pay money to a new account for the benefit of the client, thereby using the attorney’s own fund rather than the funds the attorney thinks he or she is using.
5. When the check is deposited, the person in China now has the attorneys’ bank account information and can remove funds.
6. If an agent’s trust account is used instead the same thing can happen to the agent or broker.  

This information was provided to us by our Associations Legal Counsel, Thomas N. Jacobson

General Membership Meeting


REALTORS & Affiliates - You are invited to our monthly General Membership Meeting!

Wednesday, March 28, 2018
8:00am Breakfast/ 8:30am Program
11890 Hesperia Rd. Hesperia, CA 92345

Entrance is FREE to REALTOR & Affiliate HDAOR Members. Doors open at 8am!

No need to RSVP, see you there!

$100 more to be a REALTOR? Well Worth It!


This year's Dues Billing is about to go out (due December 31st), and you are going to see a big change - a $100 assessment for all members in logo

While we know this is a big cost for us all, we believe you will find it is for a great reason.

The C.A.R. Board of Directors voted in this assessment at the October Meetings in San Diego. What it will do could be incredible for Californian's

Many established homeowners are unable to move right now because of what their increased property taxes would be if they moved - even if they bought and sold at the same price. This is keeping homeowners in one place longer than normal, and ties up properties that could help first time and step up homeowners if they could buy these houses - affordably, and at market rate.

C.A.R. has submitted an initiative to the Secretary of State that would allow property owners over 55 to move, and keep their lower property tax base, or if they buy up create a blended tax rate that is more likely for them to budget the increase.

The result is these homes can be brought to market for new homeowners to move in, paying the market property tax rate - which increases revenues to the counties and cities for schools, fire, police, and roads.

The older homeowner gets to keep their lower rate, making them able to stay in California, but in a place that better meets their needs.

This is a win-win all around. And voters appear to support this idea as well!

However passing an initiative in California is expensive. Typical ballot initiatives cost between $30 & $50 million dollars in California.

The $100 assessment will raise approximately $20million in 2018. When partnered with other supportive coalition partners that are being brought together right now, and using both NAR funds, and local association support, we will be able to fully fund this opportunity to make a difference in California.

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