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Realtor Picnic

Baseball Game LOGO



Realtors® and Affiliates we are having a baseball game it will be Realtors® against Affiliates. You must sign up to play.
Game time: 5:00-6:30pm.

Contact: *Kristina Vanderpool for the Realtor Team 760-242-2121 and *Scott Hawkinson for the Affiliate Team 760-245-7764

Tickets are $5 per person. You may log into and click on Events. Tickets will be available for pick up one week prior to picnic. You must have your ticket to receive your meal. Per IN-N-OUT

Venue: San Bernardino Fairgrounds
Date:   Thursday, September 14, 2017
Time:   5pm - 9pm Dinner: 5-7:30
Expect delays, cooked to order.

IN-N-OUT will be serving from 5pm to 7:30pm you must have your ticket  Cookout Logo Color CLEAR

balloonsWe will have Kona Ice and The Great Party Co. for the kiddos.


 *All players play at their own risk. The association bears no responsibility for any injuries incurred while on the field or playing.

Red Alert: SB231



C.A.R. opposes SB 231 (Hertzberg), a bill that would bypass voter approval requirement for property-related fee and tax increases. SB 231 would redefine the word "sewer" for the purposes of Proposition 218 (Right to Vote on Taxes Act), which was approved by California voters in 1996. This will allow local governments to tax property owners directly for costs related to stormwater infrastructure projects without the legally required voter approval.

Prop. 218, The Right to Vote on Taxes Initiative, requires all new property-related taxes, assessments, and most fees to be approved by the voters. There is a limited exception for charges for garbage, water, and sewer services. SB 231 would greatly expand the definition of "sewer" to include storm drainage, effectively eliminating the Prop. 218 voter approval requirement for stormwater management projects.

C.A.R. opposes SB 231 because it would allow for local governments to impose new taxes without voter approval in violation of voter-approve Proposition 218. Notwithstanding the merits of a particular project, Proposition 218 gave the decision-making authority for funding to the voters and the voters should be the ones to decide.

Please ask your Assembly Member to Vote No on SB 231. Learn how you can take action and get involved.

More info


Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional

Keep more money PIC

Keep more of your money in 2017
"Proven Business Tax Strategies for the Real Estate Professional"

Strategies that save you time and money

Thursday, August 17, 2017
9:00 am-11:30 am
11890 Hesperia Rd. Hesperia, CA 92345
(Please arrive at 8:45 am for registration. Seminar starts promptly at 9:00 am)

* * Reserve your seat, RSVP online today! * *
Go to then click on 'register for events'.

Taxes cost you more than they need to, especially since you're self-employed. With the seminar, you'll gain the tools to effectively run your business and hold onto more of your hard-earned income.

Red Alert Update: Assembly does not act on AB 71


The state Assembly failed to act on AB 71 (Chiu), a bill that eliminates the mortgage interest deduction (MID) on second homes. C.A.R. opposed the bill and any attempt to limit or alter the mortgage interest deduction.

In advance of a possible floor vote in the Assembly, C.A.R. issued a series of Red Alerts, asking REALTORS® in targeted legislative districts to call their Assembly member to urge them to vote "NO" on the bill. Others were asked to help spread the word on social media. And Key Contacts – our first-line volunteers who work day-in and day-out with legislators with whom them have a personal relationship – worked to educate the legislators and their staff about the MID and the need to preserve it.

Because AB 71 has an "urgency" clause, it can still be voted on any time before the end of session in early September. And we will be asking some of you to reinforce your legislator's opposition to the bill by sending emails or posting to social media. Be looking for that Red Alert early next week.
Thank you to everyone who took action on this bill so quickly. It really does take an army – a REALTOR® army!

See the full details.


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