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Membership Forms


pdf Auto-Pay for Quarterly Billing Popular

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Download (pdf, 431 KB)


autopayAuto-Pay for Quarterly Billing:

Use this form to authorize the High Desert Association of REALTORS® to withdraw your quarterly dues of $99.00 on the 1st of the month in which your dues are due.

 The cardholder promises to inform the Association within seventy-two (72) hours if said credit card account is cancelled for any reason and/or a new expiration date on the account.  In the event the above account is cancelled the Cardholder will furnish the Association another account number.

This agreement will remain in effect until cancelled in writing by the cardholder.

pdf Credit Card Authorization Popular

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Download (pdf, 115 KB)


creditcard2Use this form to pay your MLS or Realtor dues to the High Desert Association of REALTORS®.


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Download (pdf, 138 KB)

Exempt from Publications 2018.pdf

exemptUse this form to exempt listing from publication on MLS

Paragraph 7.6 of the High Desert Association of REALTORS®, Multiple Listing Service Rules and Regulations states “If the seller refuses to permit the listing to be disseminated by the service, the listing broker shall submit to the service a certification signed by the seller that the seller does not authorize the listing to be disseminated by the service.”

pdf Fair Housing Word and Phrase List Popular

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Download (pdf, 257 KB)

Fair Housing List.pdf


pdf Fannie Mae Lockbox QnA's Popular

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Download (pdf, 17 KB)



pdf Listing Change Form Popular

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Download (pdf, 236 KB)

Listing Change Form_New.pdf

changerequestUse this form to make changes on listings.

spreadsheet Net Proceeds to Seller Popular

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Download (xls, 7 KB)


net proceedsThe Net Proceeds to Seller form is in an Excel format, to down load in Windows hold down the shift key and click the link, or on the Mac hold down the Option key and click the link. You must open the file in Microsoft Excel.

pdf VOW Sellers Opt-Out Form Popular

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Download (pdf, 13 KB)


vowUse this form when the Seller does not want the listed property to be displayed on the internet or does not want address to be displayed on the internet.

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