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MLS Enhancements

We are pleased to announce that the next MLS enhancements.

School Map Layers Separated Into School Level Map Layers

The Public Schools and Private Schools map layers have been separated by Elementary, Middle, and High School levels to better distinguish between the different school levels on the Interactive Map and provide more control for users when searching for nearby schools.

 Mapping MLS

View Saved Search Results in Your Favorite Display & Sort Order

Saved Searches can now be stored with any display and sort order of your choosing. For example, you can use a Map Search to define the search criteria but have the results of that saved search display in a grid format. When saving a search, a new “More…” option enables you to choose a specific display and sort order when running your search.


saved searches1saved searches2

 Confirmation Message Added to Remove Home Page Module Option

To prevent modules from being accidentally removed, a confirmation box has been added to validate when a user clicks the “X” icon to remove a module from the Home page.

 confir mess

You are here: Home | Member News | MLS Enhancements