Welcome to the HDAOR New Member Orientation!

Held once a month

Required for all new members

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2024 HDAOR President Joseph Hisquierdo


Joseph is a Sales Associate for Lee & Associates, joining the company in 2015 as a Marketing and Transaction Coordinator, and became a licensed agent in 2017. Joseph has served the local association as a Director and President-elect in 2023, Government Relations, Finance and as a Trustee on Local Candidate Recommendation Committee. Joseph serves as a State Director in 2023 at California Association of REALTORS® and will represent us as a State Director in 2024.

Prior to becoming a Sales Associate, Joseph’s background in public relations, finance, marketing and graphic design has seen him work for private, public and business non-profits in the capacities of general manager, employee trainer, graphic designer, director of public relations and deputy executive director. Joseph utilizes his unique background and experience to be a trusted advisor for his clients, look for creative solutions, and to advocate and engage others to ensure we as stakeholders have a voice in growing our communities so that we all can benefit and prosper

Your REALTOR®Annual Dues & Quarterly MLS Dues

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REALTOR® Annual Dues

The Annual REALTOR® dues are renewed once a year.

The Annual REALTOR® dues billing will be emailed to you in November. The renewal fees are different from your initial start up fees. 

Payment Plan: After you receive your email bill, we will send out notices about signing up for a payment plan. The details will be available at that time.

MLS Quarterly Dues

The quarterly MLS dues are due every 3 months. 

You will be sent an email invoice a month before it is due. Notices will be put up on the website, newsletters & the mls. Please update your email address regularly. 

MLS Auto-Pay: You can sign up for Auto-Pay! No more late fees, no more worries. Please contact accounting at 760.244.8841 to put your card on file.

You are now Connected! Newsletters, Texts & Emails

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Every Thursday you will receive our weekly newsletter, which contains important updates, news, events & classes.

On the first Thursday of the month, we announce all of our new REALTOR & Affiliate members!

Keep on the look out for our communications!

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We send out text messages about 2-3 times a month.

They contain important messages regarding the General Membership Meetings, upcoming classes or general notices.

Thank you for staying involved with the Association, We are here for YOU! 

REALTOR® Orientation is a

5 part series

1. Completion of the Code of Ethics. You may do the Code of Ethics online at http://www.realtor.org/code-of-ethics/training *

2. Complete the NAR REALTOR® Online Orientation. Access the module at: www.learning.realtor. we ask that you please do not share this link with other REALTOR®, as we are limited to the total number of users at this time. This orientation must be completed and is a requirement. *

3. Fair Haven https://fairhaven.realtor/?redirect=%2Fhome. The training provides customized feedback that learners can apply to daily business interactions. Please send in certificate to rosemary@hdaor.com

4. CRMLS Virtual New Agent Training ‘CRMLS 101: Introduction to CRMLS’ April 18, 2024 @ 9:30am  Register HERE

5. Attend the local Realtor® Orientation- you are here now…….good job!

How to Login to

Matrix MLS

website Log in here button

How do I Log in? 

First, go to www.hdaor.com

Second, click on the ‘Matrix MLS Login’ Button

You will use the MLS ID number you were sent in your ‘Welcome email’. (example: HD12345). Your password will be a unique one you will need to make up. Please note that this password cannot be saved to auto-fill. It will need to be typed in each time.

If you have issues logging on please go to ‘forgot password’ to be sent a reset link.

 How do i log into ims.vvar.com?

for payments, Event Registration & Profiles


Use your normal mls ID (example: HD12345) and you will use the mls password indicated in your ‘welcome email”. It will not be the same password you created for CRMLS Matrix.

Personalize your Profile

Go to ‘Personal Services’ then click on ‘Personal Information’.

Here you can input your contact phone number, your email address, upload a photo & more…

This area will determine what information the public will see when they go to ‘Find a REALTOR’ button on our website.

Your Matrix Dashboard

Attend a General Membership Meeting

Register at ims.vvar.com

call us at 760.244.8841

email Valerie@hdaor.com 

REALTOR® & Affiliate Members join us on…


April 24, 2024


In-Person & Zoom

Speaker:  Alexia Smokler, Director of Fair Housing Policy and Programs of the National Association of REALTORS®.

Come to the General Membership Meeting & get pinned!

Why get pinned?

– You can get Pinned by your broker

– Have your picture featured on our Social Media Accounts & Weekly Newsletter

– You will get to keep a FREE REALTOR® Pin

Join a committee….

William P. Brady – Special Affairs Committee Chair

William P. Brady – Special Affairs Committee Chair

Paramount Residential Mortgage


(760) 245-7764 / wbrady@prmg.net

Special Affairs Committee

The goal of this committee is to Increase REALTOR® and Affiliate member awareness of the local Association through organized recreation activities, social and charitable fund-raising events.

Please contact the Committee Chair Person for the next committee date & time.

Below are some past event flyers as examples: 

blood drive flyer picture
horse derby flyer
horse derby flyer
2018 golf tournament flyer picture
backpack for charity flyer picture
Lawrence E. Mason – MLS Committee Chair

Lawrence E. Mason – MLS Committee Chair

Mason Realty

Contact: 760.265.1100 larry@brokerlarry.com

MLS Committee

The goal of this committee is to evaluate, research, develop, maintain and supervise an advanced and cost-effective Multiple Listing Service responsive to member needs.

Please contact the Committee Chair Person for the next committee date & time.

Donald Brown- Government Relations Chairman

Donald Brown- Government Relations Chairman

Lee & Associates

Contact: 760.241-5211 dbrown@lee-associates.com

Government Relations Committee

The goal of this committee is to represent the interests of organized real estate in local and state government affairs and encourage member involvement in support of candidates and issues. Promote the availability and affordability of real estate by supporting organizations, which share those interests and goals.
Promote the preservation of property rights. Evaluate the current and future impact of environmental issue on organized real estate activities in the High Desert area.

Please contact the Committee Chair Person for the next committee date & time.

Below are some past event flyers as examples: 

blood drive flyer picture
2022  candidate training flyer picture
backpack for charity flyer picture
Wendy A. Ramey – Fair Housing and Diversity Committee Chair

Wendy A. Ramey – Fair Housing and Diversity Committee Chair

Agio Real Estate, Inc.

Contact: 760.886-6044 wendyfished4myhouse@gmail.com

Fair Housing and Diversity Committee

The goal of this committee is to promote and implement the Association’s Fair Housing and Diversity Opportunity Program in the areas of minority outreach, fair housing, affirmative marketing and fair lending practices.

Please contact the Committee Chair Person for the next committee date & time.

Below are some past event flyers as examples: 

blood drive flyer picture
picnic flyer picture
winner of the Fair Haven Challenge
at home with diversity flyer picture
fair housing banner
fair housig
backpack for charity flyer picture

Interested in a Young Professionals Network (Y.P.N.) Committee?

email Valerie@hdaor.com for more information

Fair Housing

Window to the Law: Antitrust for Real Estate Professionals

you are a member of the california Association of realtors® (c.a.r.) www.car.org

Smart Zone

Your one-stop shop to help you navigate the current market. If you’re reading this… your business just took a big sigh of relief.

New agents and industry vets: Conveying your value proposition, marketing yourself or educating your clients on the market been keeping you up at night?

The site you’re currently fixated on was created by the CALIFORNIA ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® to provide you resources to succeed in today’s market and changing industry. Welcome to Smart Zone!

REALTOR® Action Fund: Your Best Investment in Real Estate

The REALTOR® Party is a powerful alliance of REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations working to advance public policies and candidates that build strong communities, protect property interests, and promote a vibrant business environment.

Visit for more information: REALTORPARTY.REALTOR

realtor action fund logo

The REALTOR® Action Fund keeps REALTORS® in business. It helps promote understanding of the issues critical to a healthy housing market. The support of the REALTOR® Action Fund is the REALTORS’® Opportunity to really make a difference in their community that will be better for the community, the residents, and the economy.

You are a member of the National Association of REALTORS® (N.A.R)

Code of Ethics
Current Cycle: January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2024

Existing REALTOR® members must complete 2.5 hours of ethics training, meeting specific learning objectives and criteria, within three-year cycles.

If you are a brand new member do the ‘New Member’ code of ethics, if you have been a Realtor member in the past then do the ‘Existing Member” code of ethics. Please forward me the email sent to you from NAR verifying completion. rosemary@hdaor.com

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For more information visit NAR.realtor/safety

SUPRA eKey & iBox information

HDAOR Affiliate MEmbers

Go to www.hdaor.com , then click on the ‘Find an Affiliate’ Button

Affiliate Members wanting to help you!

Upcoming Classes & Events

Thank you for attending your New Member Orientation

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