Beginning August 17, 2024, offers of cooperative compensation will not be allowed in an MLS listing. Find out how new rules affect offers of compensation and how offers may be communicated, and be prepared for the practice changes. Read More..

The new Concessions in Price fields function very differently from previous offers of compensation
Let’s clear up some confusion

Here is our complete (as of now) elaboration on what to expect with the new concession fields that have just been added to the MLS and what it means for when compensation fields go away in August.

Important Dates
On May 29, CRMLS introduced new entry fields to our MLS systems which we call the Concessions in Price (CiP) fields. You can read more about them in our CiP FAQ. In addition, starting August 13, following the settlement of the NAR commissions lawsuit, new Rules and Policies updates will remove mentions of compensation in the MLS. You can find more information in our Rules & Policy Changes summary.

Concessions vs. Compensation
Based on the timing, you may think that CiP fields are simply replacing concessions fields. This is NOT true. Concessions and compensation work fundamentally differently. READ MORE…

CRMLS Rules & Policy Changes


Concessions in Price (CiP) FAQs


C.A.R. Open Letter

California REALTORS® place open letter in California newspapers to mitigate confusion about pending changes in industry business practices.
Dear Californians,
If you’ve been reading about real estate lately, you’ve no doubt heard about antitrust lawsuits and settlements by real estate brokerages and the National Association of REALTORS® . You’ve also heard about the settlements resulting in certain changes in how agents will be compensated for their work. Recent coverage by media entities, industry insiders and anyone with an opinion and a smartphone have offered up a mix of fact and fiction. All this noise has caused confusion, fear and, in some instances, panic about the process of buying and selling a home.
We thought it time to speak directly to you. We’re California REALTORS® , and we know a thing or two about real estate. In fact, it’s precisely because of our knowledge about the complexities of what is arguably the most important purchase people make in their lives that we want to say this first: . Read More…

We would like to introduce the 2025 HDAOR Board of Directors!

2025 President 
  • Michael Knight
2025 President-Elect
  • Joseph Hisquierdo
2025 Secretary
  • Larry Mason 
2025/2026 Directors 
  • Martin (Bo) Goulet
  • Chris Lamoreaux
  • Wendy Ramey
Remaining on the Board of 2025 are the following:
  • Cecil Volsch, Treasurer
  • Fidel Carranza, Most recent Past President
  • Colleen Couse, Director
  • Kim Jarrard, Director
  • Mathilde Kirkland, Director
The proposed Bylaws change was approved by 75% of voters and will go into effect in 2026-
No more than two (2) Directors from any one office or multi office firm under the same ownership shall serve on the Board of Directors at one time. Any Director who transfers his or her license to an office or multi office firm under the same ownership, which has the maximum Directors allowed has automatically resigned as a Director on the date of his or her transfer of membership.

Special Townhalls on C.A.R. Forms

C.A.R. has released new and revised standard forms as part of its semi-annual update. 

C.A.R. leadership and legal staff will conduct a series of townhalls and training sessions over the coming weeks beginning July 10, with additional training throughout August. Some of these sessions will be recorded and can be viewed on the page below for future reference.

Additionally, C.A.R.’s online class on the new buyer representation form will be made available free of charge to C.A.R. members. The forms will be released in zipForm® and other forms platforms on July 24.

In order to be in full compliance by August 17, when the mandates of the NAR settlement go into effect, it is imperative that C.A.R. members are ready to use the new forms and prepared to discuss the changes with their clients. Register and attend one of the C.A.R. townhalls below. You may attend more than one Townhall; however, each one will cover the same material.

Townhall Registration HERE

Click HERE for more information on C.A.R. New Forms & Business Practice Resources

Realtors, Spread the word for us!

Special Summers Savings for Affiliate members joining in the months of July-September.
What are the Benefits?
When you become a High Desert Association of REALTOR® Affiliate Member, you will be part of an amazing High Desert Community! We work hard to put on community events, charity fundraising events, networking opportunities for you, weekly newsletters & monthly meetings. You will be invited to participate in our meetings, events and even some committees. Come and help us make our REALTORS®, our community & our association the best it can be! Click HERE to view the Affiliate Member Benefits
What is an Affiliate Member?
It is an Individual who works in a real estate “affiliated” business such as Title, Escrow, Lending, Inspection, Staging, ect. View our Roster of Current Affiliate Members
Where is the Affiliate Application?
Questions? Please contact us at 760.244.8841. Email all applications to Rosemary@hdaor.com.

Ethics Classes

*** Join us for a class below to satisfy your Ethics requirement ***

The Ethics course must be completed this triennial 2022-2024. Come take your mandatory Ethics course with us via zoom before December 31, 2024. 

REALTORS® are required to complete ethics training of not less than 2 hours, 30 minutes of instructional time by December 31, 2024.

The training must meet specific learning objectives and criteria established by the National Association of REALTORS®. Training may be completed through NAR’s online courses or through another method, such as online or classroom courses via local/state associations. Read the consequences for failing to complete Code of Ethics training. READ MORE HERE

Take the Online Course:

Existing members wishing to fulfill the Code of Ethics Training Requirement use this link. Existing members do not do the new member course, this course will not fulfill the requirement..

New Members wishing to fulfill the Code of Ethics Training Requirements use this link.

Questions? please contact Rosemary at 760-244-8841 or email Rosemary@hdaor.com

Already taken your Code of Ethics course for the current cycle January 1, 2022- December 31, 2024? Email your certificate to Rosemary@hdaor.com.



Public Property Search


Fair Housing Information

Consumer Resources

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